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The Blue World Institute (BWI) through its three programmes - scientific, education and conservation - carries out several projects aimed at recording data about the life of endangered marine organisms. Research focuses on large marine vertebrates with an aim to contribute to the protection and conservation of the marine environment through public awareness and education. Through this we try to support sustainable development of local, insular communities through cooperation and an interdisciplinary approach to conservation. In 2003 Blue World opened the first marine education centre on the eastern Adriatic coast. In the centre there are permanent and temporary exhibitions and interactive multimedia presentations. In addition the centre hosts workshops and lectures for the education of visitors and different interest and age groups, approximately 100 school groups attend these programmes every year. These programmes are recognized by the Croatian Education and Teacher Training Agency and the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. Since 2006 we have worked continuously with local school children – the Little Blue World (LBW) and Blue World Junior (BWJ) groups, and since 2011 with local students in Blue World Youth Club (BWYC). In 2006, our BWJ group became a member of international network of school groups UNESCO SEMEP. Members of BWJ and the BWYC participate every year in the international event Clean up the Med – the organization of beach clean-up in local community. 

The Conservation programme translates the research into management and policy recommendations for the relevant national, regional and international authorities.
Our offices and field activities are based on Adriatic islands, showing our support to sustainable development of local, insular communities through cooperation and an interdisciplinary approach to conservation. Different projects were led as NETCET for the conservation of the cetaceans in 2012-2016.

Besides educational program in Lošinj Marine educational Centre we also have Internship program and Eco-Volunteering program.
Internship program : Blue World Institute welcomes all students of biology, conservation, veterinary and other related courses to join us trough student practice. Interns will participate in all our activities, including collecting and analyzing data , working in Lošinj Marine Educational Center, giving and participating in lectures etc.
Eco-Volunteering program : Eco-Volunteering is a unique opportunity for people from different vocations to become biologists for a two weeks and experience how the research on wild bottlenose dolphins is done.

  • Gathering, distributing and sharing information concerning research and protection of marine fauna, flora and environment;
  • Organising and participating in a network of organizations that carrying out similar programs and establishing professional cooperation with experts and organizations;
  • Spreading knowledge and information regarding research and protection of marine organisms and environment through printed and electronic media, workshops, meetings, courses, research and educational programs and such like;
  • Promoting public involvement in conservation and research programs and projects.



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